Course videos not working

Follow these troubleshooting tips if the course does not play at all. You will likely see an error message where the video should be.

1. Try our test video

Follow this link and you should see a short fish video

If this works then it could be a problem on our side. Double check if you can play a course video before you contact us in case the problem is fixed.

2. Is your anti-virus or firewall software causing a problem?

Are you seeing any popups from your security software?

Does the video play if you stop the security software? (Note: you should do this at your own risk. We do not recommend turning off security software for a prolonged basis.)

3. Have you tried a different browser?

Most computers have a choice of browsers such as Microsoft's Edge or Google Chrome?

Is your browser the latest version?

Is the browser displaying any warning or error messages?

Course videos stutter or pause

If your course is not playing smoothly then you can try a few things to improve the video performance.

1. Reduce the Quality setting in the player

  • Hover your mouse over the video and you should see a menu bar appear at the bottom
  • Click on the Settings "Gear" icon (second from the right)
  • The Quality menu should appear. Click on the lowest number to reduce the load on your internet connection.
  • The quality setting should take effect immediately.

2. Check and stop any unnecessary programs

  • Too many programs running at once can slow down your computer and it's internet connection.
  • Try playing the course immediately after a reboot.
  • Older computers may struggle to handle video if they have the latest internet security software installed. (Good security software requires a decent amount of processing power)

3. Home users: are there many other users using the broadband?

  • Is your connection fast enough to support all the people trying to use it at once?
  • By the way home internet speeds can vary by time of day - with 3pm-6pm usually the worst.