Teaching Assistant

Teaching Assistant
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Teaching Assistants have taken a growing role within the primary and secondary school classrooms. This course will explain the requirement to become a teaching assistant, the typical role and how it can be used as a first step in a career in education. The course also introduces useful topics such as safeguarding, health and safety and behaviour management.

The course follows a simple structure that shows how a Teaching Assistant can support the school, the curriculum, the teacher and, of course, the students.


  • Why become a Teaching Assistant
  • An explanation of the course structure
  • Overview of the course content

Section 1

  • Different types of Teaching Assistant
  • Responsibilities and skills required
  • Qualifications that support the role
  • Potential career paths

Section 2

  • both the Early Years and National Curriculum
  • The Regulator
  • the National Literacy and Numeracy strategies.

Section 3

  • The current school system
  • Governance
  • The different roles of people in a school
  • Structure of a typicla school day and the school year

Section 4

  • Planning, preparation and Assessment
  • Typical routine and clerical tasks for a TA
  • Activities to support the teacher

Section 5

  • influencing child learning
  • child protection
  • Personal Social and Health education
  • equal opportunities
  • Special Educational Needs.


Digital Certificate
Accredited by Highfield Awarding Body
£25.00 +VAT

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