Travel and Tourism - An Introduction

An online introduction for those interested in careers in the tourism industry

Travel and Tourism - An Introduction
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Duration: 1.5 hrs
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The travel and tourism is a vital business in the UK, accounting for 10% of all jobs. Our online course explains the six components of the industry, introduces typical roles and responsibilities and provides an introduction to training in those all important customer skills. The course also explores sustainable tourism; something that is vital to the future of the industy.

The syllabus of this online course is designed to offer an introduction to those considering a career in the Travel and Tourism Industry. The course will provide an overview of the different types of work within tourism and explain how the different businesses rely on each other. In addition the course provides universally applicable understanding of common industry terms,  covers skills such as customer service and explores the topical subject of tourism and sustainability.

By the end of the course students will have an understanding of:

  • What is travel and tourism
  • The difffetrent components that make up the industry
  • Different type of tourism and tourists; exploring needs and decision factors
  • The impact of tourism and the relevance of sustainability
  • Roles, expectations and basic skills for those working in the industry

This course will cover the following topics over five sections below. There will be regular questions at the end of certain sections to guage progress.

1) An introduction to travel and tourism

- The importance of tourism to Britain

- What is tourism?

- The components that make up the industry as we know it today

2) The components of the tourist industry

- An overview of each of the six components

- Links between Attractions and other components

3) Promoting travel and tourism

- A brief discussion of the four P's of Marketing and relevance to tourism

- A discussion about tourist needs

- Factors affecting tourist choices

4) Impact and sustainability

- The three types of impact of tourism

- The implications of impacts on people and tourist areas

- Implementing sustainability

5) Working in travel and tourism

- Roles and responsibilties of typical jobs (Eg Travel Agent)

- Customer and employer expectations

- An introduction to customer service skills



Digital Certificate
Accredited by Highfield Qualifications
£24.99 +VAT

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